038: Let's Talk about Quality Score!!!

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What's up 2017! Happy new year to you! On episode 38 of the Paid Search Podcast Chris and Jason introduce you to quality score! The guys talk about what quality score is, why Google created it, why it is so important, how to find it, and what factors make up a keyword's quality score. Quality scores are a very important and complex part of Google AdWords, and on next week's episode the guys will go beyond the quality score introduction and talk about strategies they use to improve quality scores, and how quality scores affect their management strategies.You can send us your questions at our website, PaidSearchPodcast.com and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. And you can leave a voicemail question or comment for the show at (214) 810-1355. And don't forget about the After Show on YouTube. And please share the show with friends and colleagues, we really appreciate that!

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