048: Bidding For Position 1 Versus Bidding For Lower Positions (Great Debate)

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Yes people, YES!!! It's that time again! It's time to put our dukes up and have a good old fashioned GREAT DEBATE! On today's episode of the Paid Search Podcast, Chris and Jason debate whether or not AdWords advertisers should bid aggressively for the number 1 position, or if they should go with a more conservative bidding strategy to go for positions 2 and 3. The guys also answer a fan question about automation and whether or not it will put marketing agencies out of business. And they also preview next week's show.The guys did a companion After Show on YouTube where they broke down the debate and went over their personal opinions on position 1 versus positions 2 and 3. That After Show can be found here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6ZqiYJA7rQ&feature=youtu.beYou can send us your questions at our website, PaidSearchPodcast.com and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. And you can leave a voicemail question or comment for the show at (214) 810-1355. And don't forget about the After Show on YouTube. And please share the show with friends and colleagues, we really appreciate that!

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