064: How to MAXIMIZE Your Conversions in Google AdWords

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Yes baby oh yes. Sometimes love just ain't enough. And sometimes in Google AdWords getting a low CPA just ain't enough. Sometimes a new client or customer is sooooooo valuable that the advertiser doesn't really care about cost per conversion, and instead wants to just maximize conversions. This happens in a situation, for say, an enterprise software company who's customers pay it $80,000 a year. This advertiser wants to get the most leads and new customers possible from AdWords and doesn't really care if the CPA is $80 or $1,500 because one new client could mean $400,000 in value over the next five years. Chris and Jason sometimes run into these "let's focus on getting the maximum conversions possible" situations, and on this episode the guys describe their strategies for getting the maximum number of conversions possible from AdWords.

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