The Paid Search Podcast: Episodes 1-25

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Episodes included: 
001: An Introduction to Google AdWords
002: How to Do Keyword Research
003: Explaining the Keyword Match Types
004: How to Build and Structure Your AdWords Campaigns
005: AdWords Bidding Strategies
006: AdWords Bidding Tactics
007: How to Manage Bids in AdWords
008: Five AdWords Issues That Keep Us up at Night
009: Exciting New Changes Coming to AdWords
010: AdWords Ad Structure and Common Ad Mistakes to Avoid
011: How to Write Great AdWords Ads
012: AdWords Landing Page Advice
013: Master The Google AdWords Ad Extensions
014: How to Track Conversions in Google AdWords
015: The Shared Library - An AdWords Hidden Gem
016: How to Manage Google AdWords Campaigns during Month 1
017: What Real Life Google AdWords Management Actually Looks Like
018: 10 Common Questions Business Owners Ask about Google AdWords
019: Debunking 6 Common AdWords Myths
020: Should You Outsource Your AdWords Management or Do It In-House?
021: Agency or Freelancer? Who Should You Outsource Your AdWords Management to?
022: Chris Interviews Jason about AdWords
023: Jason Interviews Chris about AdWords
024: Remarketing, Remarketing, Remarketing...
025: Basic to Advanced AdWords Location Targeting and Real Life Examples